Programme Description

The Heisenberg Programme sponsors outstanding researchers who are qualified for tenured professorship: they have the opportunity to prepare for a future scientific leadership position and simultaneously continue performing top-class research. The programme is primarily intended for researchers who have qualified for professorship via the Emmy Noether Programme, DFG staff positions, private-sector research or non-faculty academic positions. The target group also includes junior professors who have received positive evaluations, applicants who have achieved their habilitation or equivalent, German researchers returning from abroad and appropriately qualified international researchers looking to pursue careers in Germany.

November 2005 saw the launch of the Heisenberg Professorships and Fellowships. Applicants for a Heisenberg Professorship will, beside a DFG review, also go through an appointment procedure at the admitting higher-education institution, which must create the professor position and clarify to which extent this position constitutes a structural development. The admitting institution must also guarantee that, where permitted under state law, Heisenberg professors will be funded by the institution's budget once the five-year DFG funding period is over.

40 to 50 sponsorships with a maximum funding period of five years are granted each year. The funding amount depends on the selected module. The Heisenberg Fellowship is worth EUR 4,450 a month plus a general allowance for direct project costs, the funding amount of the Heisenberg Professorship is currently of EUR 8,250 each month.

Target Group

junior academics from all disciplines able to provide proof of eligibility for appointment to a professorship by means of a qualification to teach in higher education (habilitation or habilitation-equivalent achievements) and particularly outstanding academic achievements

Academic Requirements

habilitation or equivalent achievements


up to five years

Scholarship Value

  • Heisenberg Fellowship: This module provides for a monthly grant of EUR 4,450 for the cost of living plus a general allowance for direct project costs. It is possible to convert a Heisenberg Fellowship into a Heisenberg Professorship if, after already holding a Heisenberg Fellowship, all requirements are met.
  • Heisenberg Professorship: Funding for Heisenberg Professors will be awarded according to the personnel cost category for professors, that is, about EUR 8,250 per month.

Application Papers

Applications are welcome at any time and should be submitted according to the instructions for project proposals.

Application Deadline

Applications can be submitted at any time.

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