Graduates or postdocs from the universities represented in or associated with the consortium receive a grant to complete a Master's or doctoral degree or a research stay in Germany (cooperation with Peruvian universities' Alianza Estratégica).

Who can apply?

Graduates or postdoc scientists and academics from Peru from the universities associated with the Alianza Estratégica usually up the age of 42

What can be funded?

Graduates complete a
a) Master's degree, or
b) a doctoral degree (if applicable, also as part of the sandwich procedure),
c) Postdocs carry out a research project at a German university or research institute.

Duration of the funding

a) approx. 2 years
b) approx. 3-4 years
c) 3 to 24 months
Grants are awarded for a maximum of one year respectively. Applications must be submitted for an extension and these are reviewed by the DAAD selection committee.


Co-funded by Alianza Estratégica and the DAAD
  • Travel allowance for outward and return journey (DAAD)
  • Intensive German course in Germany (up to 4 months for postdocs, up to 6 months for Master's students and doctoral candidates incl. living expenses and pocket money (DAAD)
  • Health, accident and personal liability insurance (DAAD)
  • Monthly partial scholarship of 100 euros after the language course (DAAD)
  • Basic monthly payment of 650 euros for single and 1200 euros for married persons for the entire period. The basic monthly payment is granted as a loan by the peruvian partner institution Alianza Estratégica.
  • Annual study and research allowance (DAAD)
  • Printing costs subsidy for the thesis (DAAD)
  • Registration and, if applicable, tuition fees (Alianza Estratégica)
  • If applicable, language course for accompanying spouse (DAAD)


The most important selection criteria are:
  • Academic achievements
  • Quality of doctoral or research project
  • Knowledge of German (at least Level A2 for study programmes in German by the final selection date)
The final selection is made by a committee made up of Peruvian and German university teachers and researchers as well as representatives of both parties to the agreement.

Further information

Alianza Estratégica para el Desarrollo de la Educación Superior entre la Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos (UNMSM), la Universidad Nacional de Ingeniería (UNI) y la Universidad Nacional Agraria La Molina (UNALM)
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Av. Nicolás de Piérola 1222 - Lima 1

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