The growing environmental impact of transport systems require new approaches and new concepts. The English-speaking Sustainable Mobility Management MBA Program at Technische Universität Berlin offers an integrative design across disciplines.

The theory and practice-driven approach give students both a conceptual understanding and the skills needed to tackle practical problems, covering the needs of strategy development, analysis, implementation, complex decision-making and project management. The program provides the knowledge and skills for assessing projects from social, sustainability and economic perspectives, finding sustainable transport solutions that consider the varying stakeholders’ interests.

Students learn in close cooperation with leading enterprises and institutions located on the EUREF-Campus to become acquainted also with practical projects in the field of energy, infrastructure, and mobility. Paid internships during the MBA course, both with big companies and start-ups, are encouraged. With this master in Germany, graduates will either be able to enter the labour market (private and public sector) or continue with postgraduate studies.

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