The energy transition in Germany is led by achievements in science and their successful application in industry. Extensive experience in the renewable energy sector is conveyed through degree programs which offer students the possibility to study this emerging field on the edge between fundamental research and industry applications. A degree program, the M.Sc. Solar Energy Engineering is taught online and is offered by the University of Freiburg. Fraunhofer, as the largest organization for applied science in Europe participates in this program with the expertise of their world‘s leading scientists at the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE.
The M.Sc. Solar Energy Engineering is a part-time distance learning program with 60-120 Credits. The students will learn through online lectures and campus phases the scientific and technology details behind solar cells, photovoltaic and solar thermal systems. The program enables students to develop, design and optimize devices and systems with respect to efficiency, cost and lifetime over the whole value chain of solar energy. Students will be further able to focus their knowledge and career into specific aspects of solar energy engineering, such as Photovoltaic Systems and Grids, Solar Cell Technologies or Characterization and Modelling.

The studying environment is outlined by downloadable e-lectures which are specifically created and designed to suit online learning, extensive reading material, scheduled online meetings with lecturers and/or tutors, self-test, quizzes and advanced exercises. The highlight of each semester is the campus phase, attendance is voluntarily if not the mandatory lab course or any voluntary lab course has to be attended. During the campus phase, students get in personal contact with the lectures and tutors and a social program supports the experience.
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