Master‘s degree course in Regional Science/Spatial Planning (M.Sc.) at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)

All over the world, problems of land use, damages caused by natural disasters and conflicts between land users increase. Developing countries are particularly affected by this trend.

Regional Science analyses these phenomena on the local and regional level by means of an integrative, interdisciplinary and intercultural research approach. The guiding principle is to integrate perspectives of natural, social, economic and engineering science as well as an active exchange of research and teaching and benefit from intercultural learning.

The interdisciplinary research staff at the Institute of Regional Science (IfR) at KIT develops regional and spatial planning concepts to meet these challenges.

We offer two international Master study programmes in Regional Science and Spatial Planning focussing on analysing the special challenges in emerging and developing countries and evolving corresponding planning concepts.

Regional Science can be studied either as a four-term (2 years) Master at KIT (teaching language German; DAAD full study scholarships available) or as a four-term (2 years) Double-Degree Master at KIT and Universidad de Concepción in Chile (teaching languages German and Spanish).